baby Elsie

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I have photographed Anna & Matt’s lovely children a few times now, and when baby Elsie arrived she came for her turn. Her session was very calm, probably because she’s just like her lovely Mum…

Elsie slept solidly for the duration & we managed to capture some of my most favourite newborn shots ever.

*warning* the below image is a composite of more than one image, Elsie was not and would never be left to support her own head like this.


mb1 (18 of 25)

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Maisie & Ryan’s beautiful wedding

M & R wedding May 1st 2016 (318 of 352)

Congratulations Maisie & Ryan, your wedding was a beautiful reflection of the both of you and your lovely family – thank you so much for chosing me to capture the day.

The big blue skies spreading over the church were a wonderful and welcome addition to your day, we had all been so worried that the rain would make an appearance, thankfully no! All the little details really made the ceremony so special!


M & R wedding May 1st 2016 (63 of 352)

With giggles like this, it makes you wonder what these 3 were whispering about!

M & R wedding May 1st 2016 (67 of 352) Gemma

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