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When you begin to plan your wedding, your ideas will probably cluster around a theme, or place or particular colour pallet. Flowers bring so much richness to the day, they can emphasise the key details in the Church or reception venue – highlight the beauty of your face, hair, dress. They decorate the tables, give your mother in law some thing to have an opinion on & your groom something to stress about attaching to his jacket right before you arrive (trust me, they lose the ability to work out how a simple pin works).

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Flowers don’t have to cost the earth, one of my Brides for 2017 is growing her own from her Mum’s garden – how special and unique is that, I can’t wait to capture it! Another Bride has got hers being made from paper by a friend whos a keen scrapbooker – that’s going to be awesome! As long as your bouquet is what you want, what you invisaged – that’s all that matters. Happy Planning!


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Here is a splash of colour for this rainy Tuesday – Happy Half Term!!

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